Is it true Eastern Europeans don’t like to be called Eastern European?

Well as always it depends! Actually, some people embrace the fact that they come from Eastern Europe. Second thing is that you have to define what Eastern Europe is? Most people from the West think that everything on the East of the Iron Curtain is Eastern Europe. BUT IT IS NOT!


Defining European Regions

Here I have some of the maps that suggest the division of Europe into Eastern, Western, Northern and additional that presents you with a concept of Central Europe.

East, South, West, North

Central Europe Politically

Gotoge Spółki - Central Europe - Cultural

Cultural Outreach of Central Europe

Gotowe Spółki - Central Europe


So with this division in your mind please ask yourself how the people define themselves.?

Some of them would say that they are from central Europe and some of them would say that they are from eastern Europe. This only complicates the situation both culturally and politically. And this complication is the standard mode that Europeans operate. Everything is fuzzy, fluid and undefined by an intricate interconnection of details and nuances.


Why People Would Dislike being called Eastern Europeans?

Gotowe spółki - Poland - Imagination
Poland – Your Imagination

If you would ask this question in Poland people would be outraged by the fact that Polish History had a very strong influence on all the Western European countries. Plus historically it was the Westerners from France, Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom that immigrated to Poland. And they did that for a couple of reasons. Religious freedom, prosperity based on a very open economic system and welcoming nature of the polish laws and Culture. This would apply also to Bohemia currently the Czech Republic but in a lesser way.

With all this cultural, economic and scientific progress Eastern Europe in the eyes of foreigners is reduced to 50 years of communism – THAT IS WHEN PEOPLE GET MAD!

Poland- Reality
Poland- Reality

Why People Would be proud of being called Eastern Europeans?

This might be an answer that could offend a lot of Pople. Many Eastern Europeans believe that West is currently being slowly digested by Cultural Marxism. On contrary, any type of Marxist ideology in the East is met with a laughing smile or a frown. East during the Cold war was kept under “so to say” permafrost not only economically but also culturally. This means that the original tradition and culture was not diluted by pop culture served by mass media. It seems that Eastern Europe after entering the capitalist mode of organizing labor have kept their cultural heritage and a protective layer.



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