Cyprus is one of the most popular locations in Europe for tax optimization purposes. Cyprus - tax optimisationOne of the main reasons for that is that their CIT rates are the lowest in EU – 10%. What is also very important that Cyprus is not treated by the polish administration as a country that uses illegal competition tactics. This means that in all interaction with tax revenues you are going to be treated as a valid partner and no problem s will occur based on the location of your company.




Benefits of running a company in Cyprus:

  • english is one of the administration languages,
  • very low CIT rate that is 10%,
  • a company can be incorporated in 5 days,
  • no restrictions regarding the bank accounts when it comes to the currency and the place of registration of an account,
  • very efficient administration and courts,
  • almost no costs of running a company,
  • directors of the board are not taxed locally on their earning not regarding about their residency,
  • no taxation on intellectual property, interests, and trademarks,
  • possibility to become an anonymous partner in the company,