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Offshore companies

Offshore companies offer many legal and tax possibilities. We offer incorporation and ready to buy offshore companies. We have extensive experience in services for private persons and companies. An offshore company gives you the opportunity for tax optimization of your revenue. It allows you to reduce the responsibility of the partners and the board members for any companies obligations. We offer companies in the EU and outside.


Our services:

  • sales of ready made companies,
  • incorporation of LLC and LTD comapnies (Polish equivalent is spółka z o.o.),
  • incorporation of offshore leagl entities,
  • sales of offshore companies with financial history,
  • acquiering a license for a certain business activity,
  • tax consulting,
  • tax optimalisation,
  • financial group structuring,
  • investment funds and headge funsds structuring,
  • incorporation of foundations,
  • proxy holding,
  • change of tax residency,
  • protection from claims agains assets,
  • bancruptcy law,
  • protection of information about assests,
  • will and succession planning,


Incorporation of a company

If the company that you are interested in is owned by us or by our partner the transaction can be finished within 24 hours. All of you companies go through a due diligence process. We check for any liabilities that could be hidden or not disclosed by the seller. Our companies are VAT-EU payers, polish VAT payer or they are not VAT payers at all.



Our company take care of all formalities in a way that the company is instantly ready for business activities. Our companies possess legal numbers such as KRS, REGON, NIP, VAT, VAT EU in the case of a company incorporated in Poland. All of them have a bank account number and financial history allowing you to apply for a loan.


Benefits of bying an offshore company

We offer consulting services on how to lower the tax costs of your company’s dividends. Additionally, we offer to structure payments for partners, trademark registration, and many others.

Companies in different legal systems provide different benefits for the partners. One of them is the way the company treats the costs of running a business. This allows the company to reduce the tax base by the end of the financial year. Another benefit is the possibility of hiding the identity of partners. In combination with the lack of obligation to perform board meeting at the location of the company’s incorporation, this creates a very convenient mechanism for maintaining privacy. Additionally, in some legal systems, the member of the board can be a legal entity which is not possible in Poland.


Shell companies

In some cases, our clients are interested in shell companies which allow for financial transfers to an entity in another legal system. These types of companies have the possibility of having a bank account in another countries and settlement of foreign invoices. They fall under the foreign jurisdiction and any other jurisdictions are not applied. This secures the company’s assets and the anonymity of partners and board members.

Shell companies often require legal and tax services and an office organization. We have a network of partners allowing you to set up a virtual office in the chosen location and easy transfer of any incoming mail.

In special cases, we can organize a sale of a company incorporated in a tax haven wich has a very liberal laws. We present you wth a list of potential locations for your companies.


Offshore companies in different locations

  1. Companies in Czech Republic
  2. Companies in Lithuania
  3. Companies in Latvia
  4. Companies in Switzerland
  5. Companies in England
  6. Companies in Ireland
  7. Companies in Cyprus
  8. Companies in Malta
  9. Companies in Gibraltar
  10. Companies in Corsica
  11. Companies in Georgia
  12. Companies in Luxemburg
  13. Companies in Liechtenstein
  14. Companies in Makau,
  15. Companies in Monako,
  16. Companies in Marshall Islands
  17. Companies in Man Islands
  18. Companies in Belize
  19. Companies in Anguilla,
  20. Companies in Hongkong
  21. Companies in Delaware (USA),
  22. Companies in Anjouan,
  23. Companies in Seychelles
  24. Companies in BVI,
  25. Companies in Guernsey
  26. Companies in Cayman
  27. Companies in Liban
  28. Companies in Nevada,
  29. Companies in Panama,
  30. Companies in San Marino,
  31. Companies in Wyoming
  32. Companies in Cooka Islands
  33. Companies in Vanatu,
  34. Companies in United Arab Emirates