USA – company in Delaware

One of the most popular locations for incorporation of a company in Delaware. A number of incorporated or registered companies in Delaware is one of the best proofs for legal, tax and business benefits of this state. There are more than 850 k companies registered which more than half are Public companies registered in Delaware. The most interesting fact is that more than 63% of companies from Forbes 500 companies are registered in Delaware.

Spółka w USA i Delaware - działalność gospodarcza

Regulations in USA and Delaware.

This situation if caused by very friendly regulations concerning the structure of companies and obligations arising from it. One of the most important features of an LLC company registered in Delaware is anonymity of partners, members of the board and directors. This information does not have to be published based on legal grounds. This is a very beneficial situation because you can avoid any kind of proxy holding. 

Taxes in USA and Delaware

From the legal point of a company in Delaware can bring a lot of benefits. Entrepreneurs having revenue in other countries and have no obligation to pay taxes on it without having a residency in the USA. This means that all of the earnings generated by the company are a pure income of partners. Such a situation does not exist in most legal systems and taxes have to be paid for dividends and during the end of the fiscal year.

Spółka w Delaware

Incorporation of a company in Delaware

Incorporation of an LLC company in Delaware can take up to 7 work days. In this service, you have guaranteed a virtual office and legal counsel. By acquiring a registered agent you can perform all kinds of legal actions on the territory of the USA. With the incorporation of the company, we get a notarized set of documents including the registration act and others. You can also open bank accounts.


Benefits of a company registered in Delaware:

  • low costs of running a business,
  • annual lump tax equal to 450 USD,
  • lack of obligation to perform bookkeeping,
  • minimal formalities when incorporating a business,
  • none or very low taxation on gains,
  • lack of double taxation, company’s income merges with the assets of partners,
  • the company is not taxed with VAT and has very low costs of a virtual office,
  • partners and the directors are not responsible for the company’s liabilities with their own assets,
  • possibility to register a company with one partner,