Companies with licenses and permits

Companies with ready licenses are bit simplification and speed up of starting a business in a regulated sector. Buying of ready-made companies allows you to start a business in a regulated sector. Obtaining a license in a bureau requires a lot of time and many bureaucratic procedures. This type of process differs a lot based on the type of license we are going to obtain. Buying a readymade company that has a ready license simplifies all procedures and allows immediate start.

Gotowe spółki - licencje i koncesje - biznes międzynarodowy

Licenses are submitted for entities wanting to operate on a specific type of business. This might also be caused by protective policies of a certain country for a branch of business that is important for the state. Many might consider this as an obstacle in running a business and might have problems with starting one. A easier solution is buying a ready-made company that has all the licenses and permits or hiring a professional consultant for obtaining a one.

In the case of Poland when applying for a license you submit a request to the ministry responsible for a certain activity. There are some exceptions to this, like in case of running your own radio or television you have to apply to the National Board of Radio and Television.

A permit is granted for a period of 2 to 50 years. The request is very formal. It has to contain certain informations:

  • information abou the entepreneur, address and companys headquarters,
  • number in the commercial registry,
  • information about the type of business that requires a license,
  • specific information required by the law in order to obtain a license,


Licensed activities are regulated in a number of legal acts. You can find there information about licenses for:

  • communications act,
  • pharmaceutical and medical supplies, drug stores, wholesale drug sales and Pharmaceutical Inspection act,
  • Hunting Law,
  • Customs code,
  • act in protection of arable crops,
  • act on the manufacture and bottling of wine products and trade in these products,
  • act on the administration of foreign trade in goods and services and on special circulation,


Gotowe spółki na sprzedaż - licencja opc paliwa

To one of the most popular licenses we include:

  • TFG – trade in fuels and gasses,
  • license for international road transport,
  • license for international passenger transport,
  • forwarding license,
  • license for national road transport,
  • licencja na transport drogowy krajowy,
  • exploration or identification of mineral deposits, extraction of minerals from deposits, non-reservoir storage of substances and storage of waste in the rock mass, including in underground mining excavations,
  • production and trading of explosives, weapons, and ammunition as well as products and technology for military or police purposes,
  • generation, processing storage, transmission, distribution and trade in fuel and energy,
  • protection of persons and property,
  • distribution of radio and television programs,

Other types of activities that require permissions or licenses in Poland are:

  • marketing of seed,
  • production and storage of biocomponents,
  • storing personal and payroll documentation of employers with a temporary storage period,
  • horse racing,
  • production and bottling of wine products and spirits, manufacture, purification, contamination, ethyl alcohol dehydration,
  • detective services,
  • providing tourist services including hunting performed by foreigners on the territory of Republic of Poland, hunting abroad,
  • running a currency exchange office,
  • running a storage company (storage house),
  • operating a vehicle inspection station,
  • running a driver training center, a psychological laboratory for instructors, examiners, and drivers, organizing training courses for drivers transporting dangerous goods,
  • telecommunications activity,
  • confectioning and marketing of plant protection products,
  • organizing tourist events and mediating on behalf of clients in concluding contracts for the provision of tourist services (not for the benefit of tourism organizers with an appropriate entry in the list),
  • conducting: individual medical practice, individual specialist medical practice, group medical practice, and postgraduate education and physicians and dentists,
  • conducting: an individual practice of nurses, midwives, an individual specialist practice of nurses, midwives or group practice of nurses, midwives, as well as postgraduate education of nurses and midwives,
  • organization of professional sports competition,


gotowe spolki - biznes miedzynarodowy