Ready-made companies

Ready-made companies – sales, mediation and tax optimization. We are an organization that unifies professional entities that sell ready-made companies all over the world. Our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients and guarantee the quality and security of the transactions that they make. We have a network of partners all over the world allowing you to buy or incorporate a company in most of the places around the world.

Ready-made companies- sales of companies

Companies that we offer have passed legal due diligence in order to provide security for our clients. newly incorporated companies do not possess any legal and financial liabilities and their initial capital is fully paid. Companies that were operating before the acquisition and have been put out for sale are checked for any existing liabilities to third parties and tax revenue offices. Companies do not possess any tax liabilities and have a full financial history.

Companies documentation

When you buy a ready-made company you receive full documentation notarized and with all belonging financial documentation. Our goal is to enable our clients to fully take control over the entity and have the most accurate financial and legal picture. In case of foreign companies, we transfer all essential certificates and documentation required by local law.


Legal formalities

Buying a liabilities free company you will receive also a service including legal and tax counsel. All formalities will be taken care of by our consultants and the whole process will be guided by a proxy lawyer. The documentation will be sent with all the copies on a physical address of your liking. We also offer accounting, virtual office, and tax services. This allows you to optimize cost based on another legal system.


Offshore Companies

We also offer to buy ready-made offshore companies. Depending on the country that you plan to buy a company whole process can take from 24 hours to 7 work days. Every offshore company has different benefits and access to different markets. If you are interested in having a specific license or a permit our consultants will obtain the license for you or they will find a company that already possess the license. Some of these companies allow the partners and the board to maintain it’s anonymity. In such a case, we offer proxy holding services. It is possible to build a structure of companies that will allow you to benefit from different tax systems.


Tax optimization

Many entrepreneurs decide to buy an offshore company because of the tax optimization possibilities that offer certain legal jurisdictions. We will help you to choose a country and a type of a company so it would suit your needs. We also offer companies that have a loss carried forward in order to allow you to pay fewer taxes in upcoming years. Ready-made companies are one of the most comfortable forms of such processes.