Irlandia – LTD company (Limited Liability Company – the equivalent of American LLC and Polish spółka z o.o.)

Ireland is one of the fastest growing markets in the European Union. This is taking place since the 70-ties of XX century. This is mainly caused by the tax laws and the level taxes for companies from capital gains. The agreement that has been established in the 70-ties between the government, trade unions and entrepreneurs guaranteed Ireland many years of continuous growth. The good economic situation allowed to make changes to their financial and legal system that would not be able in other countries. In the end, it resulted in the creation of a tax system that is very friendly for the business. 

Irlandia i organizacja spółki w Irlandii

Recognition of Irish companies

Irish companies are recognized around the world. Many legal practices around the world can handle an Irish company from a financial and legal point of view. Irish companies are recognized as very solid and transparent both when it comes to financial obligations and responsibility for them. This increases the trust of potential clients.Low 


Low taxes in Ireland

In response to the 2008 financial crisis, Ireland has established many reforms aiming to stimulate the economy and increase the circulation of the money. All companies registered after 14 October 2008 are entitled to a 320k euro exemption. Additionally, the CIT (Corporate Income Tax) is one of the lowest in Europe and equals to 12,5%.

Irlandia - działalność w Irlandii

Incorporation of Irish Companies

Incorporation of a company in Ireland can take 24 hours. You can finish the whole process in 24 hours with email. Irish companies provide full documentation which allows you to confirm certain facts to third parties. Certificate of registration, incorporation act, articles of association, certificate of shares register of directors, secretaries and shareholders. 


Additionally, you can establish a virtual office to handle all the correspondence. In such case, all the activities can be handled remotely. A local personnel can handle opening a bank account and other legal and financial issues.


Benefits of having a company in Ireland:

  • unused exemptions can be used in future years,
  • possibility to exempt 25% of costs of any RnD activities,
  • only after a company reaches 320 k euro in revenue is obligated to pay taxes,
  • ease of incorporation of a business,
  • ease of company board of directors,
  • low corporate taxation equal to 12,5%,