Companies with revenue and financial history

The possibility to show a financial history of a business and previous revenue is very beneficial in many situations. Every company is obligated to perform bookkeeping activities. They are lodged in the Tax Office every year in order to provide financial data to the government.

gotowe spółki - historia finansowa

Financial History

Financial history and large revenues are important for a company that is applying for a loan. Banks treat this as part of their scoring system. Ability to get a loan from a bank allows the company to finance its activities and many capital-intensive ventures. In case that a company has a solid financial history and their owners can prove revenue for a certain amount of time they can count on preferred interest rates. Low-interest rates help to raise the probability of financial success of the venture.


Financial loss as part of financial history

It is possible that the company had previously reported loses.  This can be also beneficial for the person acquiring the company. Previous loses can diminish the tax base in future financial years. There are two cases that we have to consider. Losses reported before 2018 and after. All losses which had place before 2018 fall into the previous regulations.

gotowe spółki obroty

Due diligence

Companies that we offer go through a due diligence process. We check them from a financial and legal point of view. We can prove the company’s financial history and payment of all previous liabilities. It is important to guarantee security for our client’s which become members of the board. I case of Polish LTD (spółka z o.o.) members of the board are personally responsible for the company’s financial liabilities. Similar regulations apply to many different companies in other legal systems.