Company in Switzerland

Companies in Switzerland are very good for running a financial business.

Szwajcaria działalność w Szwajcarii

Their main goal is to organize the payments of gains based on the Swiss financial and tax system. Swiss law guarantees full security for any financial gains made by a company incorporated in that country.

The Swiss regulations are very liberal when it comes to organizing a business and treat in most cases foreigners as their own citizens or at least someone that has residency. Laws and regulations differ from Canton to Canton (a type of administrative division). The effective tax rate can be in some cases as low as 16%.



Switzerland has made a name for itself as a very politically and economically stable country. This allows them to build a stable budget and in effect makes the taxes very stable. The tax law in this country is very liberal and usually benefits the taxpayer. It tries to avert any type of double taxation bot for people and companies. Switzerland has signed many agreements with other countries to make all the regulations clear.

Benefits of running a business in Switzerland: 

  • CIT tax equal to 25%,
  • financial gains tax equal to 25%,
  • intellectual property tax equal to 20%,
  • foreign income tax equal to 25%,
  • employees tax equal to 3%,
  • VAT 20%,
  • short time of company incorporation equal up to 10 days,