Companies for loans

Gotowe spółki pod kredytCompanies prepared to obtain a loan is one of the easiest ways to acquire funds from a bank. Companies of such type characterize themselves by having solid financial revenue. But revenue is not everything. They also have gained income in past years. Because of that, it is very rare for an entrepreneur to sell this kind of companies. Getting a loan in such case is way easier because of its financial history. 


The most valuable type of company for a loan is one that previously used financial products and services such as loans or leasing. This gives you the possiblity to prove your financial soundness by showing previously paid off installments. Debt financing is one of the most popular ways of financing your activitis becase of easy access and time needed to aquire such funds. In comparison to bonds or goverment funding loans are fast and easy.

Acquiring a loan to buy a company

gotowe spółki - akceptajca kredytuOne of the biggest advantages of such companies is the possibility to get a loan for the entire financial group. If for some reason a bank cannot offer us a loan above a certain amount a good solution is the construction of a financial group. This gives you an opportunity to build a financial group to fund yourself. In such case, ready-made companies for loans are a perfect solution.



Formalities when applying for a loan

How banks rate your company and what documents are needed to get a loan? Banks are focussinng during their loan process on a couple of elements:

  • previous loand and timely repayements,
  • size of previously repaid loans,
  • company’s revenue and their profits,
  • time since incorporation,

Documentation needed when applying for a loan

One of the things that are very important when applying for a loan is a properly prepared documentation. One of the most important documents is the balance sheet from the previous year. on the basis of this document, the bank can ascertain the financial situation of such company. The second most important document is the bank statement. If for some reason we do not possess the bank statements getting a loan can be hard.