Comapny in UK

Doing business in England. A British equivalent of a Polish “spółka z o.o.” is an LTD company (Limited Liability Company). Partners financial responsibility for the company’s liability is reduced to the amount of their financial contribution. In the case of the board of directors, they are responsible for the company’s liabilities with their private assets. They can also cancel their responsibility by filing for bankruptcy.

Działalnośc gospodarcza w Anglii - podatki w UK - ZUS w Anglii

Most people looking for financial optimization incorporates an LTD company in the UK and another company in a tax haven where are not gains tax. The final effect of such solution is that there are no taxes that have to be paid on the company’s revenue. Obviously, the company has to pay the VAT tax but this would apply to any other tax system. The VAT rate is 20%.



After buying a company in the UK you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation and the possibility to receive a proxy to hold documents. This allows you to fully control the company remotely in terms of legal and financial obligations. You also get access to the bank account in a British Bank of your choice that allows you to make all the financial transactions online. 


Benefits of having a company registered in England:

  • lowered VAT tax – 20% and preferred VAT tax for a special type of equipment (computers, electronic devices),
  • very low social security costs for employees,
  • access to one of the biggest markets in the world,
  • very low capital gains tax from 10 to 18% based on the taxation type,
  • very clear and stable tax regulations,